Descansa Tata


“Se nos fue el tata” that’s what my cousin said when I got to Guaymas Sonora, on a unplanned trip to Mexico this past week. In this blog we write about everything from things that inspire the brand to the very smallest things that make it a more enjoyable collection. In this case “El Tata Raul” is the main topic in my story telling. My Tata was very quiet didn’t talk much, last time I visited him he barely answered my questions and if he did it was with a funny smart response. I asked him let’s take a picture and he said “para que si estoy bien feo” that was some funny shit, this man at 92 years old and a great sense of humor. Another one was when we gave him a little cup of Coca-Cola and he said “mejor dame un basito de cervezita” and he did drink some behind my aunt who would take care of him :). I would say he lived a happy life. Born in 1917 and the myth says he is from Nogales, Arizona but no one knows, other people say that he was adopted by a family from Guaymas. He was a baseball player, played for the Ostioneros De Guaymas as a pitcher in his time and a great chef at the Playa De Cortez Hotel in Miramar, Sonora a Hotel visited by a lot of celebrities on a regular basis and a father of seven kids one of them being my mom, my Tata Raul was a great man and lived his life to the fullest, that is why me as a family member of his am proud to share his story with you, “Descansa Tata, Ya Estas Con Tu Lolita”.


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