Derecho De Antiguedad: La Original Banda El Limon

If you have seen the Movie “UP” by Disney then you can related to this video a lot.  The story of a man that has had a successfully journey thru time founding one of the most famous Banda Sinaloenses in Mexico.  It reminds me of a story an old relative would tell, “when I was little I found a clarinet as I walked by the shore, from that day on it became my passion to play it and make a living off of it” a story like this can make you think of what type of story am I going to tell when I am that age.  Well, I hope it’s a good one and it has to do a lot with our beloved brand.  Enjoy the video, feel it when the old couple hug while looking at past photographs of their life, looking back and remembering that they have “the right of antiquity”.  Saludos.


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