Chicano Art So Bad ASS…PPM Event


We headed out to the Chicano Art So Bad Ass Event In Cal State Fullerton thrown by our good friends from Puro Pedo Magazine and got there early this time, found the school but couldn’t find the hall where the show was at.  Frustrated by looking everywhere we tried everything to find the place I went inside the hall and found some janitors talking and asked them about the show and gave me directions to the MeCha office in the building, we found it and it wasn’t there but we were close because we saw the flyer in their bulletin board.  So we go back out and ask the dude again and he directed us to the hall where it was going to be.  So we went under bridges, tunnels, holes and jumped fences but we finally found the spot.  Im really bad with directions as you can see.  HAHA.


Right away I saw live everything, art, music and food.  I also saw that a lot of people found the place without a problem.  JEJE


This piece was one of my favorites, it’s by NIKO Industrias Illegales and Poets del Norte.


Then the original Insurgentes piece that you see on shirts everywhere.


I don’t know who this artist was but his stuff killed.


This guy too.  I met him he was this old dude chilling in the chairs all by him self, so I said hi.


More Original Insurgentes.


After meeting all the people there and eating all the Italian food and Jarritos they had there we decided to take off, so we said our goodbyes to the crowd and left on our way back we shot this.

It was a fun night and very successful.  


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