On Saturday night after we closed down the DIMEX Store I headed over to Victorville, CA to visit my good friend John Salazar. I have know John since we were in Jr. High and still manage to talk to him all the time. Hehe, I guess I can call him my best friend. He has always been into graffiti, painting, drawing and building things, so I went over to check out his little studio in his home. Inspirational resources, good music, cool figurines, and a chill environment is what his studio had, all and a little couch where you can chill when done painting for the night. He has started a project called “The Bomb Factory” a clothing line/lifestyle that is based on comic books, pop culture, rock music, graffiti and some Latino influence. I been seeing some of his early ideas and to be honest they look dope, so get ready for the Bomb, it’s coming to a store near you. Here are some images of the studio. Suave.



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