I’m sure that many startups have similar stories and this one wasn’t that different from what my brand DIMEX is going through, even though this is a simple animation about the founding of one of the coolest toys out there, I can relate and got watery eyes when I saw Ogel get turned down many times at the retail stores he was trying to sell his toys to, I felt it like he probably did when he was there. Not many companies see the hard work and detail we put into our brand and when we finally get the guts to go out there and “TRY” to sell our product we get that rejection that puts us in the verge of giving up. I been there, heck I’m still there, we haven’t made it, we go through this everyday, but I find the will to keep moving forward and continue doing what I love. Like Ogel I am committed to continue on this journey and not stop until I get those orders coming in, DIMEX has to make it (It’s the American dream) and I’m here to accomplish it. Enjoy the show.

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