Botan: Insurgentes

You might remember Botan from an early post I did last year I believe, I was meaning to take a picture of him to connect the face with the creation that has circulated the world.


The image above is one of the Illustrations that has been bootlegged a million times here and in Mexico, he is the original creator of  “Las Calaquita Shirts” that you have probably seen every where by now whether at the local Swap Meet or in the back window of a car, honestly one of the most iconic images of this time in our industry.  He’s a very cool and chill dude, every-time I go I learn a little more about the industry.  Thanks for all the great advice Señor. 🙂SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

We also got to see a Sneak Peek on the new Skateboards he’s about to release.  A collaboration with Almas From Kinto Sol and Botan, honestly this project came out sick.  Hit up Nahui Ohlin to get your Limited Edition Piece.


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