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I have witnessed this first hand on my recent trip down to Guaymas Sonora. I asked my Tia why she didn’t have water in her house, she responded “Los Yaquis la taparon”(the yaqui’s have turned off the water) I didn’t get it until she later explained the problem to me. I hope that with this doc people can understand what’s going on and hope change happens soon before we don’t have any more water left.


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It’s been a while since I posted something but here I am again. Sorry for the delay man, I been lagging it and I know it, but guess what I’m back and am ready to do this. Fantastic Four (Cuatro, Cabron) the teaser trailer is finally here and after hearing multiple rumors about the re boot for this movie I am really content on how the characters look. Check out the teaser and tell me if The Thing doesn’t look bad ass. Aguiguis, I like that they used the girl from House of cards (Kate Mara) to play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman cause she’s fine and a good actress don’t forget that. Anyway chekalo and don’t forget to check out the store once in a while we sell things too :).

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Who didn’t want to be a Secret Agent when they were little? I know I did, if I had the opportunity to learn all the ways to survive while in the jungle, kill multiple people, handle different weapons and womanize all over the world I would quit everything and do it. Kingsman story is a bit like that. Chekalo LOCO!

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The Peter Pan story has many versions, some are really dark while the one we know about (DISNEY) is a very happy ending story. I’m not sure where this story is from but from what it looks like, Hook is hooking up with Pan to defeat another Pirate called Blackbeard. This story is very weird to me but hope it plays off good in theaters. I hope RUFIO-OOO makes a come back in this film, jk. I still think all the kids are dead and Neverland is heaven, another way I see it is that all the kids are fighting growing up, HOOK represents grown ups and Pan represents all the Kids. Enjoy the trailer and Hugh Jackman please take that wig off it looks gay.

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Until this day I remember when me and my dad went to see Jurassic Park. We were staying in the cit of Salinas CA and went to watch it at the local FOX theater. One of those really ancient looking places with a very small screen and very low seats. The entrance alone was like $3 for both of us. Aside of that the movie was so sick, I wanted to dig every where I went just to see if I found any bones. I did find a crystallized colorful rock with what seem to look like a fly’s wing inside of it. Those days were so fun and were worth every second. Anyways I hope this film measures up to the original and am looking forward to taking my boys to watch it with me.

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