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La Verde won’t be La Verde Anymore. Honestly I like different and with soccer jerseys you have to be different to stand out in the pitch. The Mexican National Soccer team has always had some very cool Kits and this kit will represent us in Copa Oro, Copa America and in the upcoming World Cup in Russia. Check out the ad made to announce the new Kit. Enjoy.



Also if you like the Jersey before this one, remember we still have some of our Tribute T-Shirts available online. Just Click HERE.

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It’s been really serious for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any better. We might have to recycle our water or not even take showers. Esta cabron. Check out this really cool documentary on the Drought happening right now in Cali. Shout out to Salinas,CA where I spent two years of my life, oh and sorry to the farm owners I jacked some of your carrots, lettuces and sprouts I promise I’ll pay you back.

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It’s been a while since I posted something but here I am again. Sorry for the delay man, I been lagging it and I know it, but guess what I’m back and am ready to do this. Fantastic Four (Cuatro, Cabron) the teaser trailer is finally here and after hearing multiple rumors about the re boot for this movie I am really content on how the characters look. Check out the teaser and tell me if The Thing doesn’t look bad ass. Aguiguis, I like that they used the girl from House of cards (Kate Mara) to play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman cause she’s fine and a good actress don’t forget that. Anyway chekalo and don’t forget to check out the store once in a while we sell things too :).

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Jesus Ojeda with his selection of unique bajo sextos and very serious style has become one of the sickest corrido singers of today, I think he has made a difference in the industry. Check out El Especial sung by Jesus Ojeda Y Sus Parientes

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When I was little me an my dad would go to the hills in Guaymas and he would always take to me to a part where there was a plant that he would always bring back home with us. He would then put it to dry in the sun and it would give this amazing aroma that would go great with almost everything my mom’s cooked. Later on I found out it was Oregano and it would go great with White Menudo. Anyways this documentary or short film is about a town where they dedicate themselves to plant and sell Oregano. Tired of people leaving their community in Hidalgo Mexico for the US, this is the story of one community’s efforts to keep people home… using oregano. The stuff the main dude talks about really hits me, check it out and tell me what you think. PS: Yes that was Barbacoa En El Oyo cooking…bomb.

Homeward from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

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