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We need your help. Please vote for what design we should print first, the options are Tijuana, Mexico DF and Jalisco. If you want a different City/state, make sure to leave a comment here or let it be know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We want to print every state, city, rancho or pueblo in Mexico so let us know where your’e from. Gracias.

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El famosisimo narco museo en el D.F. You can’t really go inside since it’s closed to the public yet they call it a museum, kinda weird. Anyways check it out, even-though they are mainly guns maybe you’ll find something you like, Jaja.

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Que es Tribal Guarachosos? If you have been to a 3bal MTY performance then you would know. Have you heard that popular song “Intentalo” on the radio then you do know who they are. I had the pleasure of meeting the three guys who make up the group and were all very young and cool, honestly I was a little nervous not because of their super world wide fame but because I really don’t deal with people on a daily basis, I am at work most of the time and if not at home coming out with new ideas for products so “My communication skills are a little off” lol. Anyways their performance was pretty cool and had the crowd jumping, I hope these guys keep the consistency an artist has to keep and come out with newer and sicker tracks. Enjoy.

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