DIMEX UNO is an apparel company created by Christian Vidaurrazaga on 2006. Inspired by Mexican culture and the street wear industry creating a unique look into the life of a Mexican living in the United States. The brand is based on three things: History, traditions and iconic figures. Our label includes 100% cotton silkscreened t-shirts, warm hooded sweaters, cool accessories and original artwork. So if you found us while searching the web or saw someone wearing our product then DIMEX UNO is for you.



dimex el pescador de guaymas

1984 DIMEX was born in a small town in Mexico called Guaymas Sonora. Being One of the bigger fishing ports in Mexico, people would come and go. The funny thing was that they would all end up at our house either as an invite or a guest of the family. Something would bring important people to our town, and they would fall in love with it to the point that they would come back. Maybe it was its people,the food, the entertainment or just plainly the beauty it has to offer.

dimex el puerto de guaymas


dimex ninja revolucion

Growing up as a single child was really boring. He had to play on his own developing a huge imaginary mind when it came to games. He graduated from Kindergarten at age 5, going into first grade right away, his mom used to make him lie about his age “Diles que tienes 6 años”she would tell him. Along with all this he grew up celebrating and practicing all the traditions as a Mexican/Catholic, participating on local parades as Revolutionary heroes, princes and kings. School was easy so far, his father a Veterinarian Drop out would sit with him every night to help him do his homework. A PEMEX worker and a great athlete, would have to take a drastic decision when he was let go from his job. “Vamonos Pa’l Norte” he told them once, to live with his family members that already had migrated to the north with the flow of the farm workers. Leaving was hard, but coming back was even harder.


montclair elementary

Everything was so clean, organized, in order, boring. Coming to the USA was no big thing for DIMEX all he wanted was to go back to his house in Guaymas so everything could be back to normal little did he know that this would be the place where he would reside. He hated school although he was a super advanced student due to the education in Mexico, everything was different he didn’t speak a word of English and everyone made fun of him. “It seriously sucked I felt like an alien in this country” Then his family moved up north for a couple of years by this time he encountered something he would fall in love with “ART”. Finished Elementary and entered Jr. High graduated and when onto High School at the age of 13. With a chopped up English and a tacky get up and hairdo he entered the world where art would be his priority, sports his pastime and Mexican history his obsession. All the art classes possible and playing soccer as much as possible. Soon he was doing little drawings here and there for his friends until this became his passion.

upland high school


teohtihuacan westwood college

High School graduation came very fast and soon he was heading out to college, “All I wanted to be was a Muralist like Diego Rivera” but got side tracked by accident when he saw some drawing tables in a brand new College by his house, it had to do with art alright but the only difference was that you had to use a computer. His art teacher once told him that there was no money in being a painter but there was huge opportunities in the Graphic Arts world. He followed his advice and eventually ended up going to a technology school and graduating by 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication. “I fell in love for a second time but this time it was with a machine” Graphics were the new thing, it was the future. After 14 years of not leaving the USA , he finally went back taking a trip that connected him with his roots completely, he finally found what was missing, the inspiration to create. Ready and armed with Mac and paper he started sketching and creating something that would be later called DIMEX Arte, Cultura Y Amor. Tried Freelancing but didn’t fill him so he decided to start a clothing line.



dimex iron on designs

At the time DIMEX was just a project, a pass time so he could use his art work that wasn’t really doing anything other then sitting in his hard drive. The first year he was experimenting with the edge of the knife, exact o knives that is. He didn’t have the sufficient funds to screen print his product so to get it out there he would iron on his designs as they were ordered. “When we got our first order it was insane, it took me three days to finish an order of 80 shirts,crazy”As people started seeing the new style that DIMEX was bringing to the table they started asking and shopping through email exchanges. So an Online store was setup and the orders came in faster and easier. The brand started growing and acquiring funds to print their first screened shirts.

dimex tag


screen printing

After printing the first title they started funding the next and the next. Their inventory grew as the demand for the product. On April 2010 he decided to open his first retail store in Pomona, CA. Another risk taken for the love of the brand and definitely not the last one. Surropa the biggest Latino online shop carries the DIMEX brand along with well known names like NaCo and Gambeta among others. So “What’s next? we asked ”Marketing, selling, networking both online and offline, creating, investing time and money and working late hours, all so DIMEX can Live and spread it’s message through out the nations. Their main goal as of today is to continue growing and release numerous amounts of DIMEX Inspired designs, a strong following and a family business that will employ all those people that have helped DIMEX get to the point where it is at now.


dimex store

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