This Saturday we visited the Auto club speed way for it’s media day regarding the race coming up on Oct. 8,9 and 10. We were going to unveil the racing themed design for the Auto Club Speed Way that DIMEX put together for a Ticket package that is going to include one pass to the race, a limited edition t-shirt, a coupon for lunch at King Taco and a donation to the Dream Act scholarship. I am really proud to collaborate with organizations that like to help out small companies and local artist and most of all proud to be part of something that will give to a scholarship for students of illegal status who truly want to succeed in this country. We had a blast at the media presentation even-though I got a little nervous when I was talking like always but felt that I learned something new when it comes to presenting the brand. We got to meet A.B Quintanilla and Ruben Rovelo Corona NASCAR Mexico driver, both of them were really cool guys we talked and chilled for a while. Then we all had some bomb tacos from King Taco for lunch, man those were good. Then off to making line for our ride on an official NASCAR vehicle. My turn came to get in the car and was buckled up, told instructions and turned to the driver and told him “Shake and Bake” then the vehicle took off going super fast, the adrenaline rush felt awesome, we went around the track three times and it all ended super fast but was worth every second. I will be putting images of the limited edition design as soon as I get the go. Promise. Enjoy.


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