What up guys? I haven’t posted any real content regarding DIMEX in a while, and I apologize since this is a clothing, lifestyle, blog/store. I been preparing for all the crazy things to come, a new line, I know I promised something a while back and didn’t come threw, but it’s crazy trying to get accounts, keeping the site fresh with posts and content, marketing in the street and online, working a full time job, working out, playing soccer and most of all kicking it with the little man. By the way he’s going to be 2 next week and all of you who know me are invited, we will be having some mole and “unas cheves”. Back to what I was saying, I love this brand and would do almost anything to see it succeed, so I’m not complaining, Im just saying. 🙂 My personal portfolio online it’s going to be off the hook, for all you people who need graphics (Aqui estamos para servirles) and some other side projects I have lined up.


This past weekend was the 199th year celebration of the Mexican Independence Day (not Cinco De Mayo) and being that we live in SoCal, there was celebrations almost in every mayor town and like twenty of them in LA alone.


On Sunday after playing soccer we went to the Que Buena Radio Station’s Celebration it was free and it was close to home, so didn’t have to drive very far. We got there a little late but got to see the very end of Banda Machos and Roberto Tapia’s whole set.

It was pretty cool because the place was packed, so I handed my uncle, mom, dad, and sister some flyers and stickers and started giving them away to the crowd, right away they were taking everything and asking questions, checkmate. jeje. It was cool. After that we rolled to the parking lot since the show was over, I was tired of seeing all the ED Hardy Tees and was really hungry, so we rolled to a taquero by my house who has his taqueria in the middle of a abandoned piece of land and chowed down. Overall the day was fun, good music, company and food. Enjoy. Saludos.

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