“A Comedian Died Last Night. Nobody Cares But Me.”

Last night some of my homies and me went to the preview of “Watchmen”.watchmen-20.jpgThe movie was full of dope ass characters I have never really heard of but that didn’t matter it made it better because not only were they dope looking but they actually were un-perfect, these guys actually had issues.SNC12443.jpgWaiting in line we were all talking bullshit.SNC12445.jpgBut where are all the workers? LA CRISIS has hit the movie industry too. But not the attendance for this premiere, it was packed.SNC12447.jpgWe posted a lil.
SNC12453.jpgThen went into the movie. Overall it was dope. On the way out we found Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach in the lobby.
SNC12456.jpgTrue Fans.


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