My dad told me once that he was going to go back to Mexico, as soon as me and my sister graduated from College and got a good stable career/job. He told me, that he wanted to die in his Tierra natal. I asked him “Why did we come here then, if all this time you have been wanting to go back?” We came here for you. At the time I didn’t understand that, but now that I am a little older and am a parent of my own, I understand completely what he meant that day. Because of his decision to come to the USA I have gotten a good education and a stable career/job and thank him for the sacrifice he took 20 years ago. I just saw this trailer because I heard on the news that a Latino was nominated for the Oscars and wanted to know what the buzz was all about. Now I know. You’ll understand when you click play for this trailer called “A Better Life”. Gracias APA.

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