This past Sunday the DIMEX crew went to the annual 5 De Mayo festival thrown by La Que Buena at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, CA. We got there an hour late found some parking and headed over to the show. We rolled in and Chuy Lizarraga was singing La Peinada, we were a little far away but that was going to change.

I was testing my camera and saw an empty cup of my favorite beer XX and thought to myself I can really use one of those right now.

So I called up our friend over at Que Buena and got hooked up with backstage passes. Finally I got to see what was going on behind the scenes of a big event like this one. Instruments laying every where, a lot of people talking to each other looking important, Shiny suits and really hot girls (groupies) hanging out.

La Adictiva Banda San Jose De Mesillas started playing as soon as they arrived. One hit after another including “Te Amo, Te Amo” amongst others.

Then we bumped into the homies from 3Ball MTY, they were chilling with some chicks in a table, said hi and talked for a bit then took off to the stage since they were about to play their set.

The DJ tables were set up and the crowd was waiting while the introduction was playing.

Erick Rincon looked a little nervous but it’s all part of the game, so I told Yess to take a picture with him, maybe that will take his mind of the stage.

The guy running the show threw these paper made Tribalero Boots on before going on stage to present the next group.

Jesus Ojeda “Estilo Italiano” was going up next and took a picture with my homie Tony. Funny story about Jesus, there were some groupies trying to get into the backstage but didn’t have the required bracelets so Jesus got mad and said “Traigannnmelas ahorita!” all mad, so the girls got the bracelets and got to go back stage. It was the joke of the day so we mentioned it every time we thought it fit into the conversation.

I bumped into El Narquillo, I used to listen to this dude back in the days when I started following the corridos movement.

El Darey from Los Dareyes De La Sierra had like a million body guards but the dude was coo, not creido at all.

It was finally Lunch time and headed out to get some Carne asada and Pollo asada compliments of La Que Buena, the server go kinda mad at me cause I didn’t understand her and gave me a very small portion of food, but Yessenia who eats like a little bird got these huge chunks of meat, I think the girl kinda liked her hehe, that shit was funny.

When we finished we went back to the stage and saw that Noel Torres had just arrived and was about to perform, a while back I had posted one of my favorite corridos by this dude. La Guanabana.

As soon as they started to play this rola the crowd went wild and stared singing along with Noel. The band he was performing with was called El Comando Del Diablo and had these crazy looking white suits.

Then we went to get seconds and sit for a bit again since it was really hot. The Aztec hat that the homie was wearing is a great example of the Snap backs I want to get done in the future for the brand.

Noel Torres, dude looked tired and ready to go home.

While I was waiting to get a shot of Noel Torres, Regulo Caro was getting ready to go on stage, the crew had setup this Skeleton as his microphone stand it was kind of crazy since you only see that type of shit in Metal concerts. Both dudes were really cool and didn’t mind me taking photos of them.

The show was then over we said our goodbyes to our good friend over at Que Buena and headed towards the exit. In the parking lot there was a mean Paisa fight, classic. So we stayed and watched for a bit, no one got shot or stabbed. After that I picked up my kids and headed back to the DIMEX headquarters. Thank you Tony for letting us backstage and allowing us to chill with you guys. Saludos.

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