Sunday, was pretty cool. I had my game at 10 AM against one of the good teams in our league and asked our back up keeper if he wanted to start the game, so he did and I watched the half the game from the bench. Jessenia and my kids were chilling in the shade cause it was super hot as heck and couldn’t even sit in the benches. We started pretty good and had some amazing chances but didn’t finish until one of our forwards broke away took like four defenders and scored. 2 minutes later they came back and got a shot from the right and put it away, 10 minutes later one of their forwards broke loose and scored 2-1, we needed to tie. Second half we come in hard this time I was in the goal and started kinda weak so messed up a couple of times before I finally got into my game and shut the team out. The game ended 2-2 and we almost got in a fight with them and their crowd, hehe Classic. Anyways headed home and got some Hamburgesas on the way, the 2012 Euro Cup Final was already on and started watching the game. Spain ruled over Italia like nothing, they are the best team this sport has ever had. Casillas the best goalie in the tournament and the world only received one goal in the whole competition, come on that’s freakin’ awesome. To celebrate the Champions and to honor the greatest keeper of all time we are offering this T-Shirt “SAN IKER” at our online store in both Royal Blue and Red. Get yours today there is only 25 of these made so make sure to catch one before we run out. Gracias.

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