Day: June 5, 2009

Vive La Lucha

See You guys there. We will be giving away stickers, flyers, posters, special prints and just exchanging information. Hope you can make it cause the line up is gonna be sick we got Nortec and Blue Demon Jr. For more information visit Fuck it’s going to be off the hook. See you there, pass […]

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Just came back from watching the preview of Hangover and let me tell you, do not get married until you have a bachelors party in Vegas, honestly you wont regret any of it, well.. Maybe a little. I really want to go now, what to do, what to do? It’s 2:52 AM and want to […]

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What The, Thunder Bolts

Crazy thunder started two nights ago and was pretty scary, I honestly thought that I was going to get hit by one on the way home, they felt so close.  When I got home I found my sis talking to her boyfriend and my kid spying on them, “What the hell are you guys doing […]

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