2009 Winter Release-Samples







What up Guys, I’m finally back and promise to post more often in the future.  But I got a surprise for all of you.  The 2009 Winter Release is almost complete, with a new look and style but with the same message, arte•cultura•amor.  Above you will see some of the new titles and the different variations it will be printed on.  All will have a small logo in the back matching the front print color schemes.  

1. “Un soldado en cada hijo nos dio”  A soldier in every son it gave.

2. “El señor del infierno”  Not the devil, but the mythological god of the ninth underworld.  Everyone that         dies goes here, except warriors who die in battle.

3. “Sopa azteca” Glyphs morphing into todays alphabet spelling out DIMEX.

4. “Coatlicue”  The mother of gods.  The mother of our world.

5. “Aguila” Controlling tribes, by keeping them alive.  That’s what the eagle holding the serpent signifies.

6. “La Historia”  Story portrayed in stone, thru the method of sculpting.  Not a calendar but the story of ancestry, like a tale or a chapter in a history book.



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