RECAP: 5th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Music Festival

SNC16640SNC16685SNC16676SNC16670SNC16669SNC16661SNC16657SNC16656SNC16652SNC16650SNC16648SNC16646SNC16645SNC16644SNC16643SNC16641SNC16690The show went great, we got there and started setting up right away. I had never been in East Los Angeles, this was our first time and I thought it was pretty neat. The venue was pretty cool,it used to be a mortuary in the past and looked kinda creepy. So when the show started they let all the people in and it was insane the line was huge and they were all waiting to get in and enjoy the free Pan Dulce and free Tamales. It was fun seeing some old friends and meeting new ones, we gave a lot of masks, flyers, stickers and poster away. The food was great the tamales were good according to the people who tried them cause I didn’t get a chance to :(, jaja. The music performance was sick and it got everyone dancing and wilding out. I look forward on going to a lot of these shows in the future to share the brand and the message, thank you and hope to see all of you soon.

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