Mexico 1, Honduras 0

1So it went down like this. I got home, had some dope ass Caldo De Res, Very good by the way, had the TV on already listening to the whole pre-commentaries of the game, warm up shots and fan’s predictions of the game.
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I could hear all this all the way into my kitchen where I was devouring the big pieces of carne de res along with some papas cocidas.6It’s almost like a second job to eat this type of stew, it’s very heavy after you are finished you just want to go to sleep. So I finished, stuffed like a plush doll I made my way back to the living room where the game had already started.
2My sister joined after along with my uncle and parts of it Julian. The game was exciting but the Honduran team decided to fall back completely and defend the whole game, Mexico had a lot of chances to score but the Catrachos held like never before.4Finally in an attempt to break thru Gio De Santos broke thru the defence and got knocked down from behind making it into a Penalty kick, Cuauhtemoc Blanco put it away, but the goalie almost got it since he guessed the correct way.7The game kept going at the same pace, Honduras had a couple of shots on target one in particular was just making it’s way into the net when Ochoa came out of nowhere, shutting out the Honduran team once and for all.9

We won and made it to the second place in the chart, so automatically we are going to the World Cup next Year. Hell to the Yes. After that I watched a couple of Discovery Channel Shows and went to sleep. Victory was ours that day. Saludos.

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