I remember my first time I went to La Cueva. They were in a huge night club called El Patio in Rialto, it was 2001 I was around 17 still in high school and was going through a phase where all I would listen to was corridos. One day my friends invited me so I tagged along and went for the ride. My first Rock en Español club, I was surprised to see how people danced and dressed at this new club and to top it off the type of music that was played. I had grown up listening to this type of rolas because of my dad. He would bump it through his little boom box while working out. El Tri, Caifanes and Mana just to name a few. I felt good, connected, I felt welcomed, Cueva spoke Culture to me. This Friday they will be celebrating their 14th birthday, it has been 10 years since the first day I set foot there and to this day I feel the same thing when I walk into this Club. Join us this Friday to celebrate a decade of Rock en Español and to be part of el Desmadre. The line-up at the Jump. Nos vemos.

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